how to start a blog

How to Start a Blog and Make Money

By now it’s clear that blogging is the future of publishing. You can even start making money off your blogs. Before starting any blogging project, make sure that you aren’t missing the big picture. Here are the essential elements of your blog that will help make sure that you keep a lid on your crazy boss and your real life. Don’t overlook them!

1. Blogging is smarter than you think.

Of course it is! No one likes showing up late to deadlines, unless it’s a 12:40 showing, but blogging is a great solution. You don’t have to keep reminding yourself to write, you can stick with a paragraph and plop it on your Tumblr blog. If you want to write more, you can go even deeper. Something interesting to explore may be great for your video blog, or your podcast, or your article. You may have to post articles where you are writing, but it’s all about the content. And you’re not limited to words. Get busy with writing!

2. Blogging is rewarding.

Writing and developing a very simple blog post can help you pay for your college tuition. When writing a blog post on Medium, it ranks high on several search engines, which is a great thing to know if you’re thinking about starting a blog. You know that you’re saving on some of your bills because you’re always on the lookout for cheap items that you may not even know are on sale. If you’re investing in a blog, it’s a good idea to invest in a robust soundboard that can help you the next time you throw an impromptu gig in your basement or basement guest house. Most blogs offer this free soundboard.

3. The Content is King.

Before you embark on a blogging project, you have to decide what you are getting into. Are you an honest businesswoman who wants to reach a wider audience? The first thing you’ll need to look at is what’s included in your image. Do you really want to feel like you’re advertising—good or bad?

If so, it’s worth the extra time it takes to post a blog post, and to make sure that it makes good headline and style. You do not want someone to see what you’re posting and think you’re trying to make money off of it. Just remember that your blog is your space, and you are not the kind of person who seeks the spotlight. If you are, go ahead, but you’re not a professional. Your blog will focus on writing, and you can focus on promoting it. And as always, you have to make sure that the content is valuable.

4. Blogging is more than just blogging.

Besides posting articles and videos and podcasts, you may be a host, too. If so, be sure to pay attention to your marketing strategy. You can advertise your time and your services on Medium, and on other blogs. Do this in an intelligent and organized way. Also consider working with someone else who is more experienced. Without professionals your books don’t sell, and your ads don’t pay for themselves. A lot of sites allow you to run your own ads, and others allow you to set up a branded Medium-specific blog that touts your advertisements, making you very valuable to companies as well as you are.

5. Blogging is your biggest skill.

You are already great at writing about the things that interest you, but you don’t have to stop. If you haven’t written about something for a while, then you can certainly begin to consider ways that you can incorporate that knowledge into your future writing. Don’t stop blogging, even if you find it time consuming. Blogging gives you a massive amount of power. You can leverage all the resources around you to become more efficient and effective, which may take you to another level.